• Relays

    Control Tech Supply is one of the oldest distributors for Functional Devices relays. We carry many models in stock and offer competitive pricing and volume discounts. Contact our sales department at 972.243.6884 or email sales for more information.

    For a complete list of Functional Devices relays and technical data, visit their website.

    • Rated 10-15 amps
    • Packaged to save time and money
    • Available in enclosed, T-style, and panel style packaging
    • Rated 20-30 amps
    • Most have inductive, resistive, motor, ballast and tungsten ratings
    • Available in enclosed, T-style, andp panel style packaging
    • Current sensors and current sensor/relay combinations
    • Solid or current sensing
    • Very low coil current relays with auxiliary power
    • Available in T and panel styles
    • 10 to 20 amp polarized relays
    • Similar to standard RIB relay, but with polarized coil
    • Available in enclosed or panel styles
    • Dry contact input relays with auxiliary power
    • Can be activated by thermostats, other relays, switches, solid state switches and more
    • Available in enclosed or panel styles