Power Supplies and Transformers

  • Power Supplies and Transformers

    Control Tech stocks a variety of foot mount and plug in transformers, as well as AC and DC power supplies. For pricing and availability, please call 972.243.6884 or email sales.

    • Enclosed amd Track Mount Style available
    • Transformers are available in 40VA, 75VA, and 100VA.
    • A switch / circuit breaker is provided for each transformer and on “B10” models a switch / circuit breaker is present for controlling power for the entire unit.
    • An LED indicates the presence of 24 Vac on the Class 2 terminals on the outside of the enclosure, or wires on the inside.
    • An internal high-voltage wiring compartment and two 120 Vac grounded convenience outlets are provided on most models.
    • Each power supply series is available with a number of various options.

    Click here for a list of Functional Devices power supplies with technical data sheets.

    • Transformers ranging from 20VA to 375VA foot and/or hub mounted–available with single or dual threaded hubs
    • Some are foot mounted only
    • Most are UL Listed or UL Component Recognized, and many are Class 2
    • Several transformers are provided with a circuit breaker
    • Pigtail wires are standard on all models and are up to 9.5” in length
    • All transformers utilize split-bobbin construction

    Click here for a list of Functional Devices transformers with technical data sheets.