LON Products

  • LON Products

    For the past several years, Control Tech has commited to growing the products offered related to the LON technology. LonWorks continues to be the world-leader in the ‘open’ protocol arena for automating everyday devices and systems—while offering value, flexibility, and easy integration.

    Control Tech offers numerous LON based products including: routers, internet servers, sensors, relays and controllers. Contact our office for a complete list of our LON products.

    For pricing and availability on the LON products offered by Control Tech, call 972.243.6884 or email sales.

    For more information on the LonWorks products offered by Distech Controls, visit their website.

    For a list of LonWorks compatible relays, visit FD’s website.

    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Terminators
    • Color Touch Screen panel display

    Visit the Loytec website for a complete list of LON products.